MadHacks 2017

Hacking with MadHacks and WACM at MadHacks 2017!


Join MadHacks and WACM, February 18-19. Try something new, enhance skills you have, put what you have been learning in class to good use, or just have fun hacking. You have 24 hours, what will you build?

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  • All majors are welcome to participate
  • Teams may have 1-4 members


Even if your hack isn't "finished" you should still submit it for judging. Build the best hack you can, that best demonstrates your idea, given the short time you have to build it. Your submission should include

  • A 'functional' prototype or your software or hardware
  • A demonstration video (if applicable) showing your hack in action
  • Links to website and/or GitHub
  • Screenshots
  • Design documents, sketches, illustrations of your idea
  • An explanation of your hack-- why did you choose this project to build today?
  • What are your future plans for your hack?

Submit your hack well before the deadline-- you can update it until the deadline


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David Gagnon

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Tracy Lewis-Williams

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Gary Dahl

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Brandon Pittser

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Alnisa Allgood

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Anna Jordan-Douglass

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Austin Hartzeim

Caroline Hardin

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Whitney Merrill

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Grant Dobbe

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity (25 PTS)
    MadHacks is about creative, innovative, unexpected and fun solutions to problems. Did you approach a problem in a new way?
  • Technical (25 PTS)
    Did you make something technically impressive? What new skills did your team learn? Is your stack very cool or the platform they were using challenging?
  • Fit to the theme (25 PTS)
    Is your project playful and game related?
  • Polish, completeness and style (25 PTS)
    Does it work well? Does it look nice and complete?